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"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then, is not an act,
but a habit."

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The Artsy Site
Of The Month:

Life Magazine Cover Collection
Search the index for covers from 1936 to 1972.

New! Handy Site
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How To Apply For A Passport
The basics on what you will need for a first-time passport.

Web Page Design Site
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The PERL You Need To Know
Tutorial on using PERL to enhance web sites.

Seasonal Site
Of The Month:

Essential Links to Taxes
Get an early start this year.

Just Fun Site
Of The Month:

Clevermedia Shockwave Arcade
Solitaire, arcade, strategy games, and others.

Downright Serious Site
Of The Month:

Osteoporosis Prevention: Exercise
There's a lot of talk about diet and supplements
when it comes to preventing osteoporosis, but exercise might be
as important an ally in the long run.

Historical Site
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The Martin Luther King Celebration Committee, Inc.
Even though it wasn't so long ago.


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January Events
festivals For January Travelers

January 1-Feb 25, 2001
Winterfest 2001
various venues,
Duluth, Minnesota.
Ring in the New Year on January 1 at Bayfront Festival Park with hot chocolate and cookies, hay rides, sledding and a bonfire. Each weekend thereafter brings events such as alpine races, snow day festival, skiing and snowboarding events, red flannel days for merchants, a beargrease race and an ice carving competition.
More information: Call 1-800-4-DULUTH.

January 12-14, 2001
Ouray Ice Festival
Ouray Ice Park,
Ouray, Colorado.
This is for ice climbers, but also includes snowshoe events, slide shows, fundraising meals by local groups, and an ice seminar.
More information: Call 970-325-7225.

January 12-20, 2001
various venues,
Muskegon, Michigan.
Snow or not, the festival still features such events as the Snow Volleyball tournament and a chili cook-off.
More information: Call 800-250-WAVE.

January 13-14, 2001
Bonita Springs National Art Festival
Promenade Center (Hwy 41 & South Bay Drive)
Bonita Springs, Florida.
Over 500 artists participate in this event, with paintings, glass works, jewelry, photography and more. Food and beverages are available on site, and though admission is free, a small donation is requested.
More information: Call 941-495-8989 or 941-992-6424.

January 13-14, 2001
Nautical and Wildlife Art Festival
Convention Center,
Ocean City, Maryland.
Art in nautical and wildlife themes. There is an admission charge.
More information: Call 410-524-9177.

January 19-21, 2001
Black Heritage Festival
Franklin Street downtown (and other venues),
Tampa, Florida.
Vendors, cultural displays, performances by the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, a Gospel Fest on Sunday, the Tampa Bay Youth Orchestra, the Sheiks of Morocco, and more (some events are ticketed).
More information: Call 800-44-TAMPA.

January 19-21, 2001
MadFest Juggling Festival
800 Langdon Street (U of W campus)
Madison, Wisconsin.
This one is mainly of interest to those of you who juggle, and includes workshops, demonstrations, competitions, vendors, parties, a raffle, bowling (bowling?), and the Juggling Extravaganza (this sold out in previous years, so call early).
More information: Call 608-873-7577.

January 19-21, 2001
Quincy Street (and other venues),
Hancock, Michigan.
This mid-winter festival features a parade, Polar Bear Dive, ski race Finnish marketplace, concert (ticketed separately), Sunday organ concert, and a smorgasboard featuring dishes such as dill potatoes, smoked salmon, rutabega casserole and cream cake.
More information: Call 906-482-2333 or 906-487-7302.

January 20-21, 2001
Lettuce Days
Main Street Plaza,
Yuma, Arizona.
Entertainment, arts and crafts, food, agricultural displays, salad toss contest.
More information: Call 520-782-5712.

January 26-28, 2001
Ice Sculpture Festival
Downers Grove, Illinois.
This year's theme is "Castles and Crowns", with carvers competing for three thousand dollars in prizes. There will be performances of Sleeping Beauty, trolley rides, face painting and children's entertainment. Some activities have a fee.
More information: Call 800-934-0615.

January 26-February 4, 2001
St. Paul Winter Carnival
Rice Park (and other venues),
St. Paul, Minnesota.
Grande Parade, snow shoeing and skiing, antique show, teen party, Royal ball, ice carving, cat show, curling events, broomball tournament, cabaret, orchid show, art exhibits, snow sculpture displays, bridge tournament, jigsaw puzzle contest, much more.
More information: Call 651-223-4700 or 800-488-4023.

January 26-March 4, 2001
Mid-Winter Festival of Music
First English Lutheran Church & Mccullough Theatre,
Austin, Texas.
The season opens with the opera "King Arthr". Each weekend there are concerts with early musical instruments, voice and piano works and more. Events are ticketed. You can also earn tickets by volunteering (call 512-371-7753).
Tickets: Call 512-371-0099.

It's always best to call ahead to verify festival information.

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Something odd happens on January 1 of each year. Although nothing really changes in our physiological makeup or appearance, we suddenly become aware that things can be "new". We embark upon the great exercise regimen of all time, or vow to get up half an hour early each day to spend time with our children. We don't usually maintain the "new" for a long period of time, but we seem to enjoy picking that goal and holding it up as something to improve our existence, or the existence of those around us.

Perhaps the best resolutions are not those borne from a sense of the new, but from a sense of one's decay as a mortal being. There is only so much we can accomplish in our lifetime, and we like to think we can cram one more good thing into our life before it ends someday.

I had a really persistent virus (as did my husband) the last part of 2000, and could not do many of the things I generally love to do at the Christmas season. My urge toward big plans was forced into temperance by the lack of response from my fatigued body. I was tempted to complain, but finally decided to do less and rest more. No one has stopped speaking to me because I didn't deliver the pretty plates of cookies. The world did not come to an end when I was unable to string as many lights as I'd hoped. I enjoyed more holiday music on TV (some viewed with friends who have also been fighting the invasion of the body snatchers), rode to see others' Christmas displays, and munched on the homemade fudge and cookies which some special friends shared, knowing I had no gumption to reciprocate. They gave lovingly and freely. The idea of New Year's Resolutions became something to ignore as I settled into being a temporary couch potato, lounging well past lunch time on some days. My goals were simple: get a little laundry done, wipe the surface of the table from which we ate, take a hot bath to stimulate my immune system, then a nap to rest.

And now it's too late. 2001 is upon us, and I made no New Year's Resolutions at all, at least not consciously. But somewhere in the back of my mind, something is different now. When I could not do as much, I made what I did matter in new ways. When I could not give certain things in return, the treats that came into our house suddenly became even more treasured than usual.

Someone once said that desperate times call for desperate measures. But I believe I learned a new tactic this past year. Desperate times sometimes call for simple faith and simple living.

And so I wish for you all a year filled with simple faith and simple living. Don't wait for desperate times to experience the blessings you'll receive.


A Little Browsing...

We're pleased to host the work of artisan Joan Garnand on our little patch of light on the web. Joan's creations are finally finding their way out of her Tennessee community and into the hearts of admirers everywhere.
Check out Joan's zucchini/squash casserole recipe.
This busy lady also began her TV stint this past spring, and is sharing her cake decorating and candy-making skills on a local Chattanooga station.

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Take a virtual tour of the Supreme Court Building. You'll need the latest version of Quicktime, which the site will tell you where to get. (There are free versions for both Apple and Windows-based systems).

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