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May 1999

Special Quotes

"If the shoe fits, it's ugly."
--Gold's Law

They look quite promising in the shop; and not entirely without hope when I get them back into my wardrobe. But then, when I put them on they tend to deteriorate with a very strange rapidity and one feels so sorry for them.
--Joyce Grenfell

"Appearances are often deceiving."

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Cupola's Medieval Architecture Gallery
Castles and more.

A Woodworker's Notebook Home Page
Hank's page is easy to navigate, practical, nicely presented, and contains
hidden bits of humor.

A Style Guide For Those With No Style
Basic, common-sense (which isn't very common anymore) tips on good design

The National Memorial Day Concert
Sunday, May 30, 1999, 8 p.m. EST, from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

The Fruit Game Home Page
Hhhhmmmmph--pretty smart for a computer.

50 Things You Can Do To Save Your Back
It seems these days almost everyone I know has some sort of back pain.

A Taste of American Beekeeping History
Orchard growers love these guys and gals.

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May Events
festivals For May Travelers

May 1-2, 1999
Old Pecan Street Spring Arts Festival
East 6th Street, Austin, Texas.
Arts and crafts, music, food, street entertainment, special Kids Korner.
Details: Call 512-478-1704.

May 1-2, 1999
Adams Avenue Roots Festival
Adams Avenue between 34th and 35th Streets, San Diego, California.
A Folk Music Festival in its 26th year, featuring Blues, Cajun, Irish, Mexican, Gospel and
other music genres - 6 stages of entertainment, plus arts and merchandise vendors, food, rides
for the children.
More Information: Call 619-282-7329.

May 1-2, 1999 (began April 30)
Spring Herb Festival
WNC Farmers Market, Asheville, North Carolina.
Herbs and foods featuring herbs, books, soaps, crafts, gift items, herb display garden,
lectures on herbs as health-enhancing plants.
Further details: Call 828-689-5974.
NOTE: The Festival is held close to Biltmore Estate - 8,000 acres planted with
dogwood, white pine, azaleas, redbud trees, flowering cherry trees, and featuring
seasonal displays of tulips and daffodils, summer annuals, and fall chrysanthemums.
The 90-room former-Vanderbilt home reflects the Victorian elegance of its heyday.
There is an admission charge for viewing the home and grounds.

May 6-15, 1999
Tulip Time Festival
Smallenburg Park, 8th Street, Downtown areas, Holland, Michigan.
Entertainment, A Taste of Holland, fireworks, gospel celebration, Dutch vendors.
Details: Call 616-392-2389.

May 8-9, 1999
Berkeley Free Folk Festival
Fellowship Hall, Cedar and Bonita Streets, Berkeley, California.
Music entertainment, songwriting and instrument workshops, used tape and cd swap,
puppet theatre and music for children.
Additional Details: Call 510-843-3810.

May 8-9, 1999
New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival
4H Fairgrounds, New Boston, New Hampshire.
Sheep shearing, Border collie demonstrations, sheep-to-shawl teams, equipment for
weavers and knitters, crafts, bbq. Small admission charge for adults.
Further Information: Call 603-352-4550.

May 13-16, 1999
Springtime Festival
Columbus, Texas.
Magnolia Homes Tour, arts and crafts.
NOTE: Columbus has a lot of historical structures (built during the latter part of the
nineteenth century) which are now serving as museums. They also have a Santa Claus Museum
with over 2000 Santa items.
More Information: Call 877-444-7339.

May 15-16, 1999
Mayfair Art Festival
Downtown McKinney Square, McKinney, Texas.
Art cars, Maypole dancing, food, storytelling, carnival, vendors, petting zoo.
More Information: Call 972-562-6880.

May 29-30, 1999
Spring Craft Celebration
Tyler State Park, Richboro, Pennsylvania.
Crafts, foods, Middle Earth Theater, admission is charged.
Information: Call 215-579-5997.

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World Wide Web Wardrobe

March, 2001: This article has been updated!
Here is the updated version.

When I first heard Barbra Streisand belt out the lyrics to "Sam, You Made The Pants Too Long" I knew she was singing just for me. Except for one thing. The pants weren't too long - they were too short. Well, that isn't quite right either. The legs were long enough, but the rise was for some alien creature with a waist one-quarter inch above its hip bone.

Let's face it, folks. Most clothes in stores seem to be made for someone else. Not for me, not for you. And we seem to be only in the very early stages of understanding what to do about clothing humanity. For instance, if you think your feet hurt, think of this. Until sometime in the latter part of the nineteenth century, shoes were made generically, with no thought to our having left and right feet.
Of course, the positive side of that was that you simply couldn't put your shoes on the wrong feet.

We don't all have the same size feet, or girth, or height, and this makes finding clothing a bit of a problem sometimes.
I did a bit of hunting on the WWW to find some places that feature clothing for those of us with special needs because of our size, work, limited mobility and special interests.

Riding that motorcycle
through cold territory?
Gerbing's Heated Clothing
Not everyone has feet that match as far as
shoe size is concerned. If your feet are two
different sizes,
here's a place to go and find
someone with the opposite set - then trade shoes!
SoleMates Shoe Exchange

For clothing customers who have underdeveloped limbs, are amputees, or who use a wheelchair for mobility, check these sites:
Anitavee's Adaptive Apparel

Wardrobe Wagon - Special Needs Clothing Store

USA Jeans
They basically do a custom fit and will do low-rise jeans, so if you or someone you know is affected by any form of dwarfism or are just very short in stature, they might be helpful.

Adrian's Closet

Fordes Functional Fashions

Accessible Threads
Custom garments.

Designer clothing for people in chairs.

Trisha's of Acton
Sleepwear, ponchos, more.

North Coast Medical
Clothing aids, such as dressing sticks and aids for putting on panty hose.

Specially For You
Includes clever one-piece sweatsuits.

Lokina Designs


Handi-Robe by Creative Designs

blue zipper
In addition to checking with USA Jeans, people of especially short stature might want to try:
Country Road Fashions
Since they do custom measurements, you could, for example, get a good fit if you're short but have average or long arms.

Hitchcock Wide Shoes For Men
Roomy widths in sizes as small as 5.

By the way, I learned a great tip while researching this area:
Shoes with velcro are wonderful for kids and adults who have short limbs and a limited ability to bend and tie shoelaces. But this was the topper: If you still can't reach the velcro, a plain old pair of kitchen tongs is a great aid for fastening the velcro!

If you react to the sun quickly, or have already battled skin cancer and need to limit exposure you'll want to visit
Solar Eclipse Sun Protective Clothing

SunGrubbies Sun Protective Clothing

Mosquitos feasting on you every time you step outside in the summer?
Skeeta Protective Wear

Lingerie for women who have had mastectomies:
A Private Affair: A Women's Specialty Shop

The other day Ron and I actually saw a young teen wearing in-line skates and trying to navigate a bicycle near a busy street--no helmet, no knee pads. If you love your child, outfit 'em now!

For the outdoor adventurer:
Yucca Dune

Appalachian Ski and Outdoors

Aviation Apparel - Flightsuits and Flying Clothing

Seeking all-cotton, hemp, or other natural fiber clothing?
Under The Canopy

Decent Exposures Cotton Undies for Women and Girls

Fair Trade Natural Clothing

Oregon Cotton Mill

Indo-Pacific Silk Aloha Classic Shirts

Why do they want fashion models who are over 5'8" but they don't sell clothing for
tall women?
Ah, but a few places do:
Extreme Lengths - Clothing for Tall Women
Long Elegant Legs
L.L. Bean
J. Crew
Eddie Bauer
Tall Classics
Height of Fashion
Tall Temptations, Inc.
Tall Vicki's Women's Apparel
IC3D Jeans Send measurements or send them a pair of jeans that fit, and they'll clone them.
Body Language
NIC Apparel
Tall Etc
Long Tall Clothing Company (Australia)
Action FitCustom leotards and swimwear - great for Talls or anyone else needing a custom fit.
Muldoon's (mostly men's, but adding some women's items)(server may be temporarily down)
Eddie Bauer Good long-torso fits available in casual wear.
Peggy Lutz - Plus Size Clothing (sizes seem to start at 14, so this may not be for tall thin types)

Plus sizes, large sizes, Big Men and Women:
Neel Gagan Indian Clothing and Apparel
HerGearSports and Active Wear
The Queen's BoutiqueUndies and more.
Better Half FashionsWomen's Clothing in sizes 18W to 40W.
Rocky Mountain JeansWomen's sizes 16W to 30W, also some Tall inseams of 36 inches.
Big and Tall DirectMen's Clothing.
Epic MenswearBusiness and Casual.
Big Men Tall Men Stout Men's ShopEverything from underwear to formal wear.
Maxwell BoxerMen's boxer shorts - also smaller sizes.
High and Mighty Big and Tall Menswear
Think Big Casual Male Big and Tall
Hajjar's Big and Tall Men's Clothing
Note: Many of the other URL's listed on this page also carry larger sizes, so do browse around.

Guys, if you just can't find shirts you
like in the department stores, and you don't
live near a deft tailor:
Ripley Custom Shirtmakers
If nothing will do but that you make your own
clothes, and you have a pattern you love, but
it's just too, too small:
My Own Pattern

While we're on the topic of clothing, I happen to be a fan of knee socks. Can anyone tell me a reliable source for knee socks for women, especially if they come in queen or tall sizes?
White ones will do, but I especially seek the black, navy, and other colored ones.

Did you go to that last Civil War Reenactment, Medieval Gathering or Renaissance Faire in jeans and a tee-shirt and feel a bit too modern?
Reproductions of Historical Clothing
MoiRandall's Web Catalog
Shadow's Treasure Chest
Medieval and Renaissance Clothing
Creative Garb
Round Two Costumes
Past Reflections - Civil War Clothing
The Celtic Weaver
Grand Illusions Clothing Company - Civil War Uniforms and Clothing
Sense and Sensibility Clothing
Valentine Armouries - Costumes and Clothing
Men's Vintage Fashions by Carol Nolan
Zoot Suits and Oxford Baggies
Visabella Mythic Clothing
Much of it suitable in our time period.
Specifically on making your own period clothing:
Past Patterns
Farmhouse Fabrics
Nineteenth Century Reproduction Fabrics
Victoria Louise, Mercers
Patterns, Heirloom Fabrics and Notions, trims, more.

Speaking of making your own:
Fabrics and Accesories for those of you brave enough to craft your own fashions:
AWB Velvets
Velvets, Velveteen, printed, embossed.
Designer Jeans, Inc.
Including instructions, fasteners, denim-strength needles.
Frostline Kits
Outdoor and Insulated Apparel Kits
Linda Clifford - Tartan Fabric
You can even get custom-designed tartans
Sun Jose Hawaii
Polynesian Fabrics
Batiks Etcetera
Jeannies Just Sew Shop
Lingerie fabrics, appliques, and accessories.
Ginsco Trims
Sew What's New Patterns
Patterns for Wearable Art
Celeste And Blanc Royal Laces
Sew Fabulous
African fabrics
Sew Divine
Designer Fabrics
Birch Street Clothing Patterns
Very attractive - they make me wish I could sew!

Need some glamour in your life? Just for fun:
A wide staircase, a sweeping view, and there you are!
Classy Hats by Belle of the Ball

And now one for helping others help themselves:
Have any business/work clothing you're tired of, but have kept in excellent condition?
If you happen to live in Southern California, this place can use donations.
Clothes The Deal
And there is the New York-based:
Dress For Success
This site lists more programs:
Bottomless Closet - Similar Organizations
More programs exist. If your area isn't one of them, consider getting together with other professionals to start one.

Clothes say a lot about a person, but they don't tell the whole story, and for some of us clothes can be a source of frustration when we can't find the right thing. I hope the links above ease the hunt for some of you!

March, 2001: The preceding article has been updated!
Here is the updated version.

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To the community of Littleton, Colorado:
Our hearts are also broken as we see the pictures of what you went through in person.
There are wounds in this life that go even deeper than physical wounds.
Scars may not be removed in this life, or questions answered until later.
We pray with you that some good comes from this tragedy.

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On Kosovo and Littleton: Did anyone else feel the searing irony in the comments our U.S. President made concerning the violence at Columbine High School (something about teaching our kids that violence isn't the answer) followed by firm remarks concerning military attacks in Yugoslavia/Kosovo?
We can blame child violence on the media, on video games, on the NRA, on school officials, drugs, TV, and a dozen other things, but when are we going to realize that children learn their most important lessons by watching adults?
If adults cannot settle adult differences without war, how can we expect children to learn this lesson?

This is not a jab at the suffering people in the Kosovo region at all. And it's not a political statement on who is wrong and who is right in the conflicts there. I'm just pointing out our failings as adult residents of Planet Earth to give children a good example.

I have one other general gripe about war. Have you ever noticed in the line-up of the world leaders who are making decisions to start wars (ethnical cleansing, grabs for territory, bombing the "enemy" posts to immobilze their efforts, any aspect of war) that nearly all of these people are males over the age of 50?
Now notice the line-up of those who fly or maintain the stealth bombers, load weapons onto the ships, and march in bloody combat. The faces are all young. Once they were young men, but now they are both men and women.
If the political old gents cannot get along, perhaps it's time they fought their own battles and left living to the young.

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