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January 1998

Special Quote
The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.
- Jim Rohn

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Kaleidospace Independent Internet Artists.

I chose this sitebecause this man seems to be living the real meaning of personal revolution.

Tincup Web Design. Animated GIFs.

All about calendars.

The Feels Like Forecast. This may become the calendar of the New Milennium, if we don't learn to pace ourselves properly.

Aspartame - another viewpoint.Whether you choose to use this product or not, do read everything you can about its origins and history. This is just one article/interview, and one viewpoint.

The Royal Ulster Constabulary's Virtual Museum.

A story about making a difference. A revolution always begins in one heart. But a true revolution doesn't stay there.

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January Events
word festivals for January travelers

January 8-11, 1998

Basically Bach Festival
Loyola University, Roussel Hall.
January 8, 7:30pm. January 10, 8pm. January 11, 3pm. Vartan Manoogian, conducts LPO
Chamber Players in Both rare and well-known Baroque selections by Bach, Telemann,
Vivaldi, and others.
Tickets for a package of all 3 concerts are $48.60.
Information and ticket purchase: Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra office at 504-523-6530 .

January 11, 1998

Tip Top Teddy Bears Picnic
Hagley Park - North Christchurch, New Zealand
12.00pm. A summer celebration especially loved by the children. Music, theatre, games and
thousands of Teddy Bears. Sponsored by the Christchurch City Council.
Phone for Information: 64-3-379 1660

January 16-18, 1998

Foothills Festival of Arts, Crafts & Imports
Held in Cave Creek, Arizona.
International food, specialty packaged food, arts, crafts, and over 200 exhibitors.
Hours: 10am-5pm.
Information: 602-488-2014

January 17, 1998

6th Annual Southwest Festival of Gospel Music
Highlands Assembly of God Church. 603 Cosgrove, San Antonio, Texas.
Presented by Southern Glory Productions, a Christian Non-Profit Organization.
The program features 7 groups from 3 states, and there will be food available. There is an
admission charge of $8.00 for adults, but children under 12 will be admitted free of charge.
Information: 830-226-8167 or 830-733-6720.

January 18-19, 1998

13th Annual Nautical & Wildlife Art Festival
Convention Center, 40th St. & the Bay, Ocean City, Maryland.
100 nautical and wildlife painters, carvers, sculptors, model shipbuilders,
and photographers display original and limited editions. This is both a show and a sale.
For information contact Don Hastings at Donald's Duck Shoppe: 410-524-9177.

January 23-25, 1998

1998 Virginia Flower & Garden Show
Virginia Beach Pavilion (1000 19th Street), Virginia Beach, Virginia
Landscape displays, vendors, special activities for kids and seniors, drawings for prizes,
seminars, lectures, demos. There is area group participation and promotion by the
Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, Norfolk Botanical Garden, Virginia Zoological Park,
and others. There is an admission fee of $6.00 for adults.
For further information contact: Rob Shapiro: 757-853-0057.

January 24-25, 1998

Key Biscayne Art Festival '98.
Southern end of Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne, Florida.
Outdoor art festival featuring over 150 artists displaying and selling original works
in various artistic media.
There will be clowns, food and entertainment, and there is no admission.
Information: 305-361-9772.

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New Year's Revolutions

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Some do, some don't.
If you do make them, do you usually keep them? And if you don't make them, is it because you usually break them anyway, and you don't wish to disappoint yourself?

May I suggest an alternative?
How about trying New Year's Revolutions this year?

Dictionaries use phrases like "total change of conditions, especially political or social changes" to describe revolution. And the word makes us think of overthrowing governments and unseating people in current positions of power.

Well, you must admit it sounds a lot more exciting than "I make a resolution to quit smoking", or "I resolve to eat more fruits and vegetables this year."

I'm not suggesting we all run down and take over our respective city halls. This kind of revolution deals with inner attitudes that give birth to the real changes in anyone's character. It requires a subtle (and infinitely more uplifting) shift in thought than just a resolution.

A revolution in your life might include a lot of the same kinds of things a resolution would, but you're more likely to be successful with a revolution, because the change is not only an event, but a process that transforms you into someone who feels worthy of that change.

Find something that makes you feel worthwhile, and worthy of a revolutionary spirit. (Faith in Christ helps me, and the belief that I was created to be special and unique.) These kinds of things are very tough to do alone, so if you can find someone to whom you can tell your revolution, you have found an ally, and you should use that to your advantage. If your self-esteem is just too waning right now, and you can't tell anyone but your dog, go for it. Dogs don't laugh at your secrets!

And maybe, just for now, it's best not to choose a hundred revolutions.
Choose one.
But make it a good one.
Better yet, make it the one you've always wanted to make.
Let your revolution be a transformation of that one resolution you could never bring yourself to make, because you were too afraid to be laughed at, or too afraid to fail, or even too afraid you'd succeed and then you'd have to live up to that success, and all that goes with it.
If you don't feel worthy now, keep your gaze upward and your thoughts on the goal, and soon you'll begin to feel like the revolutionary you are. You have things to accomplish, and nothing and no one can keep you from them.

Most people who really accomplish things in this world and/or influence others to do the same, don't bother with resolve. They see the grand plan, and they begin. I can almost guarantee that the late Mother Theresa never made a resolution in her life. She was too busy seeing what was to be done, and doing it, even when others told her it couldn't be done. And if that isn't the way we are living, then why not?

Find your place in the grand plan.
Then begin: one breath, one step, one thought at a time.

And when someone asks you what your New Year's Resolution is this year, you can smile and tell them you don't have time for any. You're too busy starting a Revolution.

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