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May 1998


Special Quotes
Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights
and see possibilities - always see them, for they're always there.
--Norman Vincent Peale

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The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not
'Eureka!' but, 'That's funny...'
--Isaac Asimov

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Bead Guide
An old art that is having a revival among craftspeople.

Clint Noble's Home Page
Another very bright and forward-thinking teen with a clever page layout.

Noetic Art
Interesting graphics with a fairly liberal use policy.

Arlington National Cemetery
Memorial Day isn't just the start of the tourist season.

The Official French Fries Page
Everything except how to keep them from going straight from the lips to the hips.

No, it's not a dating service. If you, or anyone you know, wears two
different size shoes, this is a great place to trade shoes with other people.

Mark Twain on the 1898 Spanish-American War.
I studied that war in school, but they never taught us this side of it.
100 years later...wonder what would Mr. Twain say about current U.S. interests?

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May Events
word festivals for May travelers

May is abundant with festivals! I've added details to a few, but due to time constraints, several are listed with very basic information.
Now get out there and have some fun!

May 1-3, 1998 (actually begins April 28)
Raisin Festival
Selma, California
Baking competition, photography, art, and floriculture competitions, food and craft booths,
fun run, and carnival.
Festival details: Call 209-896-3315.

May 1-3, 1998 (actually begins April 30)
Fillmore Orange Festival
Fillmore, California.
Pancake breakfast, lunch and dinner barbecues, food booths, parade, hot air balloon rides,
softball, games, arts and crafts, entertainment.
For additional information: Call 805-524-0351.

May 1-3, 1998
Greek Festival
Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
At the Greek Orthodox Church.
Tasty Greek foods like Spanakopita and sweet pastries, music, more.
More information: Call 336-765-7145

May 1-10, 1998
Castle Renaissance Festival
Muskogee, Oklahoma.
Details: Call 800-439-0658.

May 1-May 31, 1998
Wisconsin Sesquicentennial
Various locations in Wisconsin, including the capital city, Madison.
This is a great time to visit Wisconsin, with events in many cities all month long, all building
toward a huge celebration May 29 with Statehood Day.

One celebration mid-month is the Chocolate Festival in Burlington held May 15-17, with food,
petting zoo, music, carnival, and of course, chocolate.
Want more information? Call 414-763-6044.

There is the celebration of Canal Days in Portage May 29-31, with a buckskinner
encampment, canoe and kayak races and rides, arts and crafts.
Details on Canal Days: Call 1-800-236-2110.

Throughout the state are historical walks, rides, special museum exhibits, quilt displays, tours,
Native American and African American displays, historical farming presentations, pageants,
festivals, re-enactments, and more! I cannot begin to do justice to all the things the state has
planned to celebrate 150 years of statehood.
Try calling 608-259-1000 for more information.
You may also email the state's Department of Tourism:

May 2-3, 1998
Deshler Broomfest
Thayer County Fairgrounds in Deshler, Nebraska
Learn about the history of broommaking with demonstrations and entertainment. Includes
parade, craft show, and more.
Information: Call 402-365-7700.

May 2-3, 1998
May Days Bean Fest
Downtown business district in Mineola, Texas
Bean cookoff with arts and crafts fair, entertainment, 3-on-3 basketball, carnival, children's
activities, classic cars.
For more details: Call 903-569-2087

May 5-17, 1998
Apple Blossom Festival
Payette, Idaho
Arts and crafts in the park, ice cream social, pie-eating contest, pancake breakfast,
carnival, golf tournament, pretty baby contest, parade.
Mineola was an old railroad town, and has preserved much of its history in its downtown
antique shops and its bed-and-breakfast inn architecture. Artists' guilds abound for resident
craftspeople. They plan for guests in this area! The town's Civic Center complex includes
more than 200 RV pads for visitors, so you know you'll be welcomed in Mineola, whether
your stay is a long or short one.
More information: Call 208-642-2362

May 9-17, 1998
Lewis Carroll Centenary Celebration
Guildford, Surrey, England.

May 14-17, 1998
Calaveras Co. Fair & Jumping Frog Jubilee
Angels Camp, California.
Information: Call 209-736-2561.

May 15-17, 1998
Living Traditions Festival
County Building in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Ethnic dance and music, folk arts, food.
Details: Call 801-596-5000.

May 7-10, 1998
Marquette Internationale
Corning, New York.
Multiculteral event with food, music, dance, arts. The Drumcliffe Irish Dancers and the
Burmese Dance Company are among the entertainers this year. The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
(led by Buddy Morrow) and jazz pianist Eddie Palmieri will also perform.
The Society of Glass Beadmakers will be having their conference at the Corning Glass Center
this same weekend, so expect beautiful bead displays as a bonus to the other festivities.
Details: Call 607-974-8908.

May 13-17, 1998
Morel Mushroom Festival
Sunset Park, in Boyne City, Michigan.
Mushroom hunting, guided practice hunting, the great pineapple challenge (a bit like soapbox
derby, but cars are made of produce).
More information: Call 616-582-6222.

May 16-17, 1998
Campbell Prune Festival
More than 150 artists, craftspeople, plus entertainment and food.
Details on the festival: Call 408-378-6252.

May 16-17, 1998
Warren County Heritage Festival
Shippen Manor in Oxford, New Jersey.
Accompany costumed guides to tour the three-story Georgian house. Music, theatre, crafts,
encampments, food fireworks. Eighth year of the celebration.
More information: Call 908-453-4381.

May 17, 1998
Third Annual Historic Oxnard Spring Tours
Heritage Square and Carnegie Art Museum, in Oxnard, California.
Held in conjunction with the California Strawberry Festival, the Spring Tours allow floral
designers to highlight the interiors and gardens of these architectural beauties. Heritage
Square will feature a Victorian Hat Collection and floral and plant creations on display, and
for sale. Carnegie Art Museum's tour hand-painted furniture and photographic exhibits. There
is a charge for attending.
For details: Call 805-385-7545
For recorded information regarding the Strawberry Festival, you may call 888-288-9242.

May 20-24, 1998
57th Annual West Virginia Strawberry Festival Buckhannon, West Virginia.
Juried art show, carnival, strawberry shortcake, parade, arts and crafts, quilt show,
strawberry blonde contest, petting zoo, music, strawberry pancakes, strawberry pie-eating
contest, gospel sing.
More information: Call 304-472-9036.

May 21-24, 1998
Gullah Festival
Beaufort, South Carolina.
Celebrates the Lowcountry customs, food, and crafts.
Details: Call 803-525-0628.

May 22-24, 1998
National Polka Festival
Ennis, Texas.
Information: Call 888-366-4748, or 972-878-2625.

May 23-24, 1998
Mayfest Music, Arts And Sports Festival
Campbell Center Campus, Mount Carroll, Illinois
5-mile run/walk, 3-on-3 basketball, biking, food, crafts, music, quilts, antiques, children's
For details: Call 815-244-4424 or 815-244-2411.

May 23-24
Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras
Morgan Hill Community Park, in Morgan Hill, California.
Games, crafts, 10K and 5K run, 5k walk, live entertainment and food.
Information: Call 408-779-9444.

May 23-24, 1998
Iroquois Indian Museum Spring Festival
At the Iroquois Indian Museum in Howes Cave, New York.
Native food, arts, crafts, jewelry, games and activities for children.
Festival details: Call 518-296-8949.

May 30-31, 1998
Portuguese Celebration
Yerington, Nevada.
Sopa lunch, auction, dance, parade.
Information: Call 702-463-3842.
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Ah, The Merry Month Of May!

May is Mental Health Month.
Mental Health isn't only about severe mental disorders. We all have a need to protect and maintain our mental health. One thing we can all use some help with is facing and managing stress.

Of course, mental health isn't only about the mind. We're becoming increasingly aware of just how deeply our thought processes influence the rest of our body's health.

purple balloon There's a lot of
truth to this lighter side
of mental health
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green balloon May is National Asparagus Month
Here are a few facts about asparagus.

How to cook it.
Here's a recipe for
Grilled Asparagus Spears.
More ways to cook and enjoy asparagus, including Asparagus Bread.

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May is National Salad Month.
Celebrate Cinco De Mayo(NEED LINK) with
Orange-Jicama Salad.
If you like trying unusual mixtures, try this Zucchini Orange Salad.

Can't get enough legumes?
Bean Salad Recipes.
For those of you who know what you like in your dressing, and only need a few greens on the side, here is a recipe for Blue Cheese Salad.

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May is Stroke Awareness Month
Do you know the risk factors or the warning signs of a stroke? Find out what they are, plus learn about new approaches to recovery and treatment from the
National Stroke Association.

May is National Strawberry Month
Find out more about how these berries make it from the fields to your table from the California Strawberry Commission.
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There are a lot of political issues surrounding the strawberry industry these days, but the one thing we all seem to agree on is that strawberries taste wonderful.
Enjoy some old favorites, and try a few new ways to enjoy them with Strawberry Recipes from "A Taste of Strawberries".

The First Week of May is National Music Week, sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs.
green balloon purple balloon Learn more about music in America at the
American Music Center.
You can do a search for works by various composers, works written for particular instruments, and works written for voices.

The Second Week Of May is
Goodwill Industries Week

Think of Goodwill stores as just that place to dump your used stuff? Think again.
Visit Goodwill Industries International.

The Second Week of May is
Be Kind To Animals Week

Meet last year's
Be Kind To Animals Kid.
red balloon Dorothy Hoffman edits
Pawprints Post

The second week of May is National Herb Week
Find out which one was selected as 1998 Herb of the Year.
balloons The Herb Society of America maintains an herbal garden, a library, a gift shop, and assists in finding speakers.

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green balloon May 15-25 is International Pickle Week.
If you've always wanted to try making your
but you don't own any canning equipment, try these Refrigerator Pickles.
If you think you've tried every kind of pickle there is, there's still another way to eat them.
Fried Dill Pickles
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Other Important May Days (in my life)

May 7, 1915
The Lusitania sank after being attacked by a German U-boat.
But the Lusitania had made one last successful voyage to America before its destruction. Among the passengers on that last trip from London to New York was a tiny girl named Eileen Mary Naughton. If the ship had not made that one last safe voyage my mother would not have made it to America.
Since May also contains Mother's Day, I thought I'd mention this story, in her honor.

And the Marry Month of May...

May 18, 1975
I stood beside a young man at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee (after record rains changed the scenic trickling falls into a roaring wall of water) and said wedding vows.
Actually, I screamed. We all did. Poor Pastor Liersch was practically hoarse from yelling to be heard over the sound of the falls.
Let that be a lesson to all of you determined to marry your true love in a natural setting. Visit the place during more than one season before you choose that spot!
(You should also take into consideration the logistics of holding the reception when you plan an outdoor wedding. Due to the remote location, we could only manage to reserve the park's main covered pavilion. We hired someone to watch the cake and other food while we had the ceremony at the falls, to keep the tourists and the giant ravens from demolishing everything. My dear sister brandished a frosting spatula at more than one greedy-looking bird that day.)
My sister had baked our beautiful wedding cake in Illinois, and she and her family drove all the way to Tennessee with the layers in containers. She assembled the cake at the park that day, finishing it off with buttercream rosettes, fresh flowers, and a pair of ceramic doves (which we still clip to our Christmas tree every year.)
Sis (named Eileen after our mother) passed away last year, and the minister even told this story at her funeral service. So you see, I come from a long line of women willing to do anything for love!
Lest you think this ended on a sad note, I should tell you that Sis' oldest daughter, Pam, possibly influenced by my outdoor madness, recently married her own dream man, Ed, in Scotland.
The ceremony was performed at the zoo, and both of them wore full traditional Scottish clothing. One of those tabloid papers published a photo of the newlyweds showing a nosy resident penguin trying its best to check out what Ed was wearing beneath his kilt.
You see, I come from a long line of women who also marry
men willing to do anything for love.

And before I move on here...
Happy Anniversary, Ron!
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love, deb

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