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March 1998
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It takes a long time to become young.
-- Pablo Picasso
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Patchwords, devoted to the art of quilting.

The Brooksbanks I had to feature this page after reading how they got their pet Molly.

HTML sample modules and tutorial

Spring Planting. How a Lutheran Church in Maryland found a way to help plant both food and hope.

Lateral Thinking Exercises

UN High Commissioner For Refugees

Pam American World Airways

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March Events
word festivals for March travelers

March 1-8, 1998
Tulipmania Festival
Pier 39, San Francisco, California. (The display actually began February 28.) You can take the
guided tour at 10 a.m. daily, but the tulips are there, more than 35,000 of them, just for the
viewing, no matter when you come. Pier 39 also has many other pleasant attractions - shopping, a
lovely old carousel, and many "tourist trap" spots.
More Information: 415-705-5550.

March 5-15, 1998
Melbourne Moomba Festival
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Along the Yarra River, and surrounding locations.
This is Australia's largest outdoor festival. The River Spectacular on the Yarra River offers lights,
pyrotechnic displays, and music. The Night Parade on Swanston Street will include floats, fire
performers, costumes and drumming ensembles. Huge screens project images onto curtains of
Additional Info: Call 61-1902-241-187.

March 7-8, 1998
North Pole Winter Carnival
North Pole, Alaska
Celebrate with food, bazaars, games, entertainment, and mushing.
More Details: 907-488-2242

March 12-15, 1998
Annual Ostrich Festival Chandler, Arizona.
Ostriches race around a quarter-mile track at Boston and Delaware streets. There is also a
carnival, and over 100 vendors, including 30-plus international food vendors. Enjoy
live music throughout the festival.
More information: Call 602-963-4571.

March 14-15, 1998
5th Annual Saint Patrick's Celebration
At War Eagle Mill in Rogers, Arkansas
Listen to live Irish music while you munch shamrock biscuits, Erin-Go-Bragh stew, cabbage,
Irish soda bread, and Irish trifle cake.

March 15-16, 1998
Viva el Mariachi
Fresno, California, at Selland Arena, Fresno Convention Center, 700 M Street.
Up to a dozen bands participate. There are workshops the first day of the festival. This is the
fifteenth annual event, making it the second-oldest mariachi festival in the United States.
For more information: Call 800-781-8687 or 805-259-4787

March 19-21, 1998
At the Freeman Academy Campus in Freeman, South Dakota.
Swiss German, Hutterish and German foods and crafts, a quilt display, bake sale and music.
Further information: Call 605-648-3290.

March 20-23, 1998
Hammond Azalea Festival
Hammond, Louisiana.
Tour the gardens at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, 21549 Old Covington
Highway in Hammond. And visit Zemurray Gardens, 23115 Zemurray Garden Drive, in
Loranger. Azalea displays and plant sales, art exhibits, farmers bazaar, home and garden tours
(including that of former Congressman James and Mrs. Marjorie Morrison (admission fees
benefit the Hammond Cultural Center).
More Information: Call 504-542-7113, 504-342-8119, or 504-549-2341

March 27-29, 1998
6th Annual East Maui Taro Festival
Hana, Maui, Hawaii.
Celebrate the goodness of taro, that starchy staple vegetable from which they make poi.
Enjoy music, arts and crafts.
More details: Call 808-248-8972

March 27-29, 1998
20th Annual Old Towne Tempe Spring Festival of the Arts
On Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona.
Second-largest arts and entertainment festival in the Southwest. Up to one-quarter of a million
people come to view the work of 600 national artists and craftspeople.
More information: Call 602-967-4877

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Born In March?
You Have Lots Of Famous Company

March is the month when we know spring is coming, even if the weather-contitions don't always coincide with the equinox.

It's also a month full of special birthdays of well-known people. Take a look at some of these.

March 1, 1954: Ron Howard, one of my favorite film directors.
(I hope he remains so if he does do that film on the life of
Linda Lovelace. I understand she now battles that world she
used to live in, and I hope Ron takes that into consideration.)
March 2, 1904: Theodor Seuss Giesel, better known to most of
us as Dr. Seuss. There is quite a site on Dr. Seuss called
March 2, 1950: Karen Carpenter, singer/drummer. We really
miss her lovely music.
March 3, 1847: Alexander Graham Bell, inventor.
A site on Bell kids will especially enjoy browsing is
Brain Spin - Alexander Graham Bell.
March 4, 1678: Antonio Vivaldi, composer.
March 4, 1934: Jane Goodall, scientist, wildlife activist.
March 5, 1954: Marsha Warfield, actress.
March 6, 1923: Ed McMahon, sidekick, spokesperson, man with
fingers in many pies. Ed is one of those people I would love to
sit and share a meal with, and just get to know better. I'd love to
ask him how he gets so much done everyday!
March 6, 1945: Rob Reiner, former TV "meathead" and comedic
March 7, 1849: Luther Burbank, horticulturist. He grew up in
Massachusetts, but he did most of his life's work in Santa Rosa,
California, where you can visit his former residence and stroll
through the gardens at Luther Burbank Home and Gardens.
March 8, 1841: Oliver Wendell Holmes, U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
March 9, 1934: Yuri Gagarin, first man in space, Soviet cosmonaut.
March 10, 1963: Jasmine Guy, actress, with that beautiful accent and
keen stage presence.
March 11, 1903: Lawrence Welk, North Dakota-born leader of
champagne orchestra music.
March 11, 1926: Ralph Abernathy, U.S. civil rights leader/clergyman.
March 11, 1931: Rupert Murdoch, Australian-born media ruler.
March 12, 1940: Al Jarreau, jazz/blues/pop singer.
March 12, 1946: Liza Minnelli, singer/actress.
March 13, 1911: Lafayette Ron Hubbard, author/religious leader.
Even though he is no longer living, his works spark controversy,
and his followers battle constantly for religious freedom.
March 14, 1833: Lucy Hobbs Taylor, first woman in America to
practice dentistry with a real degree.
March 14, 1879: Albert Einstein, physicist. I never know what to
say about him. His views on the universe taught us to look for
God in everything, although he seemed pantheistic about it.
I like to think he was choosing the right path toward the end of
his life. Maybe?
March 15, 1916: Harry James, trumpet player, orchestra leader.
March 15, 1935: Judd Hirsch, actor.
March 16, 1912: Pat Nixon, U.S. thirty-seventh First Lady, intelligent,
began life with much against her, and managed to survive a
tremendous amount of pain and loneliness. If life had handed
her lemons she certainly found the recipe for an elegant lemonade.
March 16, 1926: Jerry Lewis, comedic actor/writer/director/producer.
There is quite a nice site online which focuses on his creative work,
The Official Jerry Lewis Comedy Museum and Store.
March 16, 1949: Erik Estrada, actor. Most of us got to know him
best as "Ponch" on TV. And he has a really contagious laugh,
which I love.
March 17, 1919: Nat "King" Cole, musician/quiet revolutionary.
You'd enjoy a visit to The Story of Nat King Cole.
March 17, 1951: Kurt Russell, one of my favorite actors, and I
just found out he shares my leanings toward Libertarianism.
March 18, 1932: John Updike, American writer.
March 19, 1848: Wyatt Earp, U.S. Marshall/legendary figure.
March 20, 1928: Fred "Mr." Rogers, child educator/entertainer,
(and a man with one of the most calming voices on the planet.
He could be giving me all sorts of bad news, and all I'd hear is that
gentle, soothing voice.)
March 21, 1685: Johann Sebastian Bach, composer.
March 21, 1962: Rosie O'Donnell, comedian/talk-show host
(after a tough start in life). Here's a mini-bio of Rosie.
March 22, 1923: Marcel Marceau, French mime.
March 22, 1931: William Shatner, actor from Montreal, best known
for his work as Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.
March 22, 1948: Andrew-Lloyd Webber, composer.
March 23, 1908: Joan Crawford, actor.
March 24, 1930: Steve McQueen, actor, father of Chad.
March 25, 1920: Howard Cosell, sports commentator with a horrid
voice, IMHO. I always wondered why he was so popular.
March 25, 1934: Gloria Steinem, political activist.
March 25, 1942: Aretha Franklin, Detroit Baptist PK/soul singer.
March 25, 1947: Reginald K. White, better known as Elton John,
British musician.
March 26, 1874: Robert Frost, farmer/Pulitzer Prize-winning
American poet.
March 26, 1930: Sandra Day O'Connor, politician/first female
U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
March 26, 1931: Leonard Nimoy, Boston-born actor, most-often
remembered as that emotion-repressing alien, Spock.
March 26, 1949: Vicki Lawrence, Carol's sidekick/comedic actor.
March 27, 1924: Sarah Vaughn, singer.
March 27, 1940: Cale Yarborough, auto racing driver/team owner
from South Carolina.
March 27, 1970: Mariah Carey, pop singer.
March 28, 1955: Reba McEntire,Oklahoma country singer. You
might enjoy the Reba Review.
March 29, 1867: Cy Young, baseball pitcher.
March 30, 1853: Vincent Van Gogh, tortured artist. One wonders if
he might have fared better in today's world, where he could have
painted on a computer and found companionship online in chat
March 30, 1968: Celine Dion, French Canadian singer (and the baby
in a family of 14 kids).
March 31, 1925: Leo Buscaglia, author/educator. You can find out
more about him at The World of Dr. Leo Buscaglia.
March 31, 1948: Albert Gore, politician, current U.S. Vice-president.
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For those who read my rant on the lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey last month, she won!
In my opinion, that's a win for free speech in the United States.

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