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June 1998

Special Quote
And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.
- Revelation 22:1

Training of an Artist in People's Republic of China, and in the United States
One painter's view of how different the two countries train young artists.
A long article, full of insight.


Mike Shaikun's Animated Gif Collection.
Royalty-free animations for personal use, nicely categorized.

Countdown to First Day of Summer.
Better hurry! After the actual date, you'll at least get a simply greeting.

Games Kids Play
Game descriptions and rules for old games like Red Rover, Freeze Tag,
and Simon Says.

Non-emergency 911 Calls Abusing System Across Nation.
I wouldn't trust that person behind the wheel of a car, much less to act as mayor.
Detroit News Story on 911 calls.
How can anyone not know what 911 is for after all this time?

Smokey Bear's Page.
He's become a national hero in the United States, but do you know
how it all started?

May Events
word festivals for May travelers

June 5-7, 1998
Louisiana Corn Festival
Held in Bunkie, Louisiana.
Corn shucking contests, corn cooking contest, food, crafts.
More information: Call 318-346-2575.

June 6-7, 1998
Sand Creek Folklife Festival
Newton, Kansas.
Held in Military Park in Newton.
10th Annual Occurence of the event. The park becomes a living history exhibit, with potters,
spinners, lace makers and soap makers. There will be Mountain Men encampments and
Civil War reenactments. Traditional and ethnic foods will be served.
More information: Call 316/283-7925.

June 12-14, 1998
Old West Fest '98
Sperry, Oklahoma.
Held in the Downtown Square in Sperry.
Includes a Chili cook-off, costumes, parade, boot throw, wagon races, antiques, arts and crafts.
Details: Call 918-288-7487.

June 13-14, 1998
Solar Fiesta
At the Albuquerque Hilton in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Exhibits and demonstrations on passive adobe construction, solar electricity, passive
sunspaces, and solar cooking.
More information: Call 888-886-6765.

June 13-14, 1998
Strawberries and Cream Festival
Held at Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Ohio.
All sort of strawberry treats, including shortcake, pastries, tortes, and sundaes.
Also a rose show, demonstrations and art show and sale, entertainment.
To find out more: Call 800-877-1830 or 740-622-9310.

June 13-14, 1998
Bluesberry Festival
Held in Covington, Louisiana.
Blueberry treats and Blues music.
Details: Call 504-892-1873.

June 18-21, 1998
Apple Dumpling and Township Festival
At Owl's Grove, in West Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.
Pageants, games, rides, and of course, apple dumplings.
Details: Call 610-678-5399 or 610-678-6117.

June 26-27, 1998
Held in Downtown Geneva, Nebraska.
Pancake feed, fun run, bike races, mud volleyball, truck parade, crafts, street dance.
Additional details: Call 402-759-4908.


Forget Milk. Got Water?

When space vehicles are launched from Earth and sent to explore neighboring planets and moons, one of the main questions scientists have about each place becomes, "Is there water?"

Every living thing people have encountered requires water for its very existence, and so we see water as a basic building block for all life.

It's June, it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and many of us think a lot about being in and around water at this time of year, not to mention thinking of drinking it on these warm days. So I thought we'd take another look at this element we all depend on our whole lives.

The human body is 60-75 percent water, which varies somewhat with age and gender. Parts of the body contain higher percentages than others. Lungs are about 90 per cent water.

It would take 1.1 trillion gallons of water to cover one square mile with one foot of water.

Angel Falls (Salto Angel) in Venezuela
is the highest waterfall on the
planet, with a total drop of
3212 feet.

Health Adventure Safety Net has tips on keeping your family safe in and around water.

Two-thirds of all drownings happen between May and August. This statistic, and others, surprised me, when reading about the dangers of drowning.

If your baby fell into the
water, could it survive?
Visit this site on
teaching babies to swim.

We often think of children falling
into swimming pools, but for those
who live in rural areas, ponds can
be a source of trouble too.
Pennsylvania University provides
this site on Farm Pond Safety.

It takes 12 to 20 gallons of water
to run an automatic dishwasher for one cycle.

The United States and Canada
have about one million miles
of pipelines and aqueducts,
which is enough to circle the
planet 40 times.

You could survive for
approximately a month
without food, but for only
about a week without water.

Boating recreation is a growing pastime. You can get more information on boating safety at the US Coast Guard's Office of Boating Safety Home Page.

They're fast and they're fun,
but how safe are they?
Did you know they have no real brakes?
Check the Safe Boating Council's information on Personal Water Craft.

Wise people of all ages use life jackets and other flotation devices to increase safety in and on water.
Kids might enjoy coloring the Fabulous Furbles, who enjoy safe water sports.

Of all the earth's water,
97 percent is salt water
located in oceans and seas.

Want to find out what Dillo Dirt is?
Know the difference between
a spring and a geyser?
Encyclopedia of Water Terms.

Why do we always hear that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day? Is this some magic formula, or is it based on sound medical evidence? Here's one possible explanation for the origin of the advice of 8-glasses-a-day.

When you want some heat for aches and pains (or just something warm to tuck near cold feet) why have one of those plain dull red hot water bottles? These folks will sell you wild and crazy (or cuddly and cute) hot water bottles.

Care to get your hot water outside and in beautiful, natural settings? Visit Soak.Net to find natural hot springs throughout the world.

All about geysers.

Here's a page pointing to every kind of geyser you can think of on our planet, and a few not even on the planet. It's WyoJones'World Geyser Links.

Remember the story in the Book of John about how Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana? It's always been odd to me that people tend to argue about whether or not the wine Jesus produced was like newly-pressed grape juice, or like alcoholic wine. I'd rather focus on the part of the story that says Jesus had the servants fill stone jars with water, jars which had contained water for their ceremonial washings, but which now stood empty and useless. Jesus took those empty vessels and used water (which has been used as the symbol of life in nearly all cultures) to change it into something sweet they thought they could only have as the result of years of planting and working, but which Jesus could provide in an instant. And even though they had been celebrating before that, now they understood just how much of an abundant celebration they had, thanks to His miracle.

Have A Great Summer!

sailboat and water

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