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February 1999

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Special Quotes
In everyone's life at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the human spirit.
--Albert Schweitzer

Action is the antidote to despair.
--Joan Baez

The truth will set you free. But before it does, it will make you angry.
--Jerry Joiner

The world does not need tourists who ride by in a bus clucking their tongues. The world as it is needs those who will love it enough to change it, with what they have, where they are.
--Robert Fulghum

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To parents, teachers, and other guardians of children:
I do try to make this a place where kids can stop by without being hurt or compromised.
However, I can control neither sites I link to, nor the sites they link to.
Please surf the Web with your kids!

Pewabic Pottery Home Page
Non-profit organization spotlighting Arts and Crafts Pottery Movement, plus
encouraging contemporary work; features exhibitions and artists-in-resident

Frank Brusca's Home Page
Frank's simple layout branches out into many interests and other pages.

Windows HTML Editors
Names, sources, and costs for those of you who want a page,
but don't want to create all your own HTML.

Random Acts of Kindness Week
A cheerful way to practice the Golden Rule.

Magnetic Poetry Without the Magnets
This site has the Java version, but also points to an old CGI version.

Charitable Choices--Hurricane Mitch Relief
There is still a great need. It will take years to rebuild the areas affected.

Touring Turn-of-the-Century America, 1880-1920
Detroit Publishing Company Collection.

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February Events
festivals For February Travelers

February 5-6, 1999
18th Annual Wintertales
McAlpine Center and other locations, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
This isn't so much a general event as a focus on storytelling as entertainment, and includes
workshops for those interested in becoming better tale spinners. There are some staged
performances, and there are charges for many of the events. The events are also not
set up for small children, and they do not want babies in the workshop audience.
If in doubt, call and ask questions.
Details: Call 405-270-4848.

February 5-7, 1999
Greek Food Festival
St. Demetrius Orthodox Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
All the usual goodies to munch.
Information: Call 954-467-1515.

February 5-7, 1999
Black Heritage Festival
Old Fort Park, New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
Stories, music, dance, demonstrations of soap and butter making, hair braiding and
weaving, clothing exhibitions, food and drink, family oriented atmosphere.
More Information: Call 904-428-6225.

February 5-14, 1999
Annual Southwest Florida Fair
Lee County Civic Center, Bayshore Road, North Fort Myers, Florida
75th occurence of the event. This one of those old-fashioned fairs with farm animals,
carnival rides, games and food booths, floral and produce competitions.
Further details : Call 941-543-8368.

February 5-15, 1999
Calgary Winter Festival
Canada Olympic Park and other locations, Calgary, Alberta.
Human curling (ouch!), ice sculptures, parades, seniors' day, entertainment, crafts.
More information: Call 403-543-5480.

February 5-20, 1999
Edison Festival of Light
Various locations, Fort Meyers, Florida.
Parade of lights, gala ball, fashion show, 5-K race.
Details: Call 941-334-2999.

February 11-14, 1999
Blind River Winter Carnival Blind River Park and other locations, Blind River, Ontario.
Snow golf, chili, tobaggan races, kids' ice fishing tournament, hockey game between
local emergency agencies and other service clubs.
Information: Call 800-563-8719.

February 12-21, 1999
Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival
Riverside County Fairgrounds, Indio, California.
If you come in Arabian costume admittance is free. Camel and ostrich races, over 1000
exhibits, carnival rides, games, Arabian Nights outdoor musical pageant, contests, and of
course, dates.
Information: Call 800-811-FAIR.

February 13-14, 1999
Winter Wonderland
Wahpeton, North Dakota.
Zoo ball fund raiser, ice fishing tournament, pancake breakfast, crafts, youth and Scout
More details: Call 701-642-8744.
Note:If you're a golfer, sometime while in the area, be sure to visit Bois de Sioux Golf
Course. You can golf nine holes in North Dakota and nine in Minnesota. Check for availability.
This is snow country!

February 13-14, 1999
Sanibel Island Arts and Crafts Fair
Sanibel Island School Playground, Sanibel-Captiva Road, Sanibel Island, Florida.
This area is only about 20 miles from Fort Meyer, and is a real tourist trap, in a nice way,
of course! More than 10,000 people attend the Fair, with arts and crafts being the focus.
Food is available on site. There is a donation suggestion of two dollars. While in the area,
go seashell hunting, scuba diving, rent a bike and enjoy the scenery. There are resorts,
restaurants, and wildlife refuges to explore once you have exhausted the possibilities of
the arts and crafts.
Fair details: Call 941-472-6368.

February 26-March 8, 1999
Ballarat Begonia Festival
Lake Wendouree and Ballarat Gardens, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
Tuberose begonias on display, arts, entertainment.
More information: Call 1800-656-374.

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The Y(Why) In Irony

We had what was, for this area, a very bad freeze in December.
Certain varieties of fruit trees don't do well in coastal California because they need several weeks of really cold temperatures in order to produce fruit. Yet California's commercial orange crop on the trees was devastated by this year's freeze.
Our dwarf avocado got nipped pretty badly, as did several flowering plants. We cut some of them back, and are hoping for the best when spring comes. Some had to be tossed. In the midst of all this damage from frostbite, I suddenly remembered the tulip bulbs I had stored in bags in the bottom of the refrigerator, because they need a few weeks of cold in order to bloom.

President Clinton's approval rating continues to climb, according to the pollsters, even though he is in the deepest doodoo any president's been stuck in for a long time.

Speaking of doodoo, how about that reward Larry Flynt gave for someone producing dirt on Representative Bob Barr (R-Ga)? And how about that best gal buddy Linda Tripp who taped her friend's phone conversations and then squealed? I used to be embarrassed that we used sexuality to sell products and services in America. Now I find we use sexuality to sell out.

We got some sad news in January. Christina Williams, who was missing for seven months, has been located. But she is not alive. They identified her remains on her mom's birthday.
There are (among others) two men the authorities would like very much to find and question.

Even while people are still trying to send aid to the victims of hurricanes last year, a magnitude 6 earthquake hit western Columbia in South America.
The TV medium reminded us that the last large disaster killing many people in the area was an avalanche in 1985, and that much of the aid sent to the area never got to the people who needed it. Greedy politicians are suspected of having intercepted much of the supplies. (I realize, of course, that greedy politicians are not found only in Columbia) Undaunted, contributers are gathering money and supplies in hopes of relieving the misery.
Some victims of the quake were reported to have been watching rescuers work when a wall of debris fell on them. One teenage boy was found alive after being trapped almost two days following the quake.
Some people turned to looting when supplies were slow in coming.
Professional rescue teams have been dispatched to the quake-ridden area, but many local people pitched in to remove rubble and seek survivors with their bare hands, even while suffering from hunger and thirst.

Much of the Northern Hemisphere is still in the grip of winter, but there are signs of impending spring in nature and in peoples' plans.

A lot of people think that if there is a God, he or she wouldn't be much of a deity to allow all the bad things that go on in the world. It's part of our human habits to protect and even hit back when someone or something attacks the innocent. But if God can reach through all the bad that has cropped up in the world for this long, and pull out a dream, a flower, a new baby, a team of bare-handed rescuers with no thought for their own safety, hasn't he shown us something a lot bigger and more noble than brute force that crushes opposition? Light cancels darkness the moment it appears, not with vengeance or anger, but by the very nature of its being. And God invites you and I to be part of that miracle by reflecting such light.

Well, I've got to go plant some tulips. See you next month.

An old man sat outside the walls of a great city. When travelers approached, they would ask the old man, "What kind of people live in this city?" And the old man would answer, "What kind of people live in the place where you came from?" If the travelers answered, "Only bad people live in the place where we came from," the old man would reply, "Continue on; you will find only bad people here." But if the travelers answered, "Good people live in the place where we came from," then the old man would say, "Enter, for here, too, you will find only good people.
--Yiddish folk tale

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yellow tulip We had a chance to see sort of an old friend this month. Monty Jackson used to sing with the Heritage Singers, and has been busy since then, traveling, writing, singing, and producing great music. Monty's a tenor with a voice that slips into falsetto without sounding like falsetto. He produces clear, bright tones and can go from low to high, and from 10 decibels to 90 in 1 measure flat! (that's my brag, not his) He's been using his musical talents to encourage Christians since he was just a little guy. He's grown up a bit since we last saw him, but he brings the same energy and sincerity to a concert he always has. Visit Monty's website, and check out this very special young man. With this link, we promised him we'd put the word out so he could keep putting the Word out.

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