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Special Quote
"He who endeavors to please
must appear pleased."
--Samuel Johnson
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The Artsy Site
Of The Month:

Art Historians' Guide to the Movies
Cinema art cameos.

Personal Home Page
Of The Month:

New York Fisherman Homepage
All about fishing in the New York area.

Web Page Design Site
Of The Month:

Dynamic Drive Links and Buttons
Cut-and-paste code for Mouseover
events and more.

Seasonal Site
Of The Month:

Hanukkah Tales
A wee bit early, but why not begin enjoying it all?

Just Fun Site
Of The Month:

Kellogg's Rice Krispies recipes
Easy, tasty treats to make.

Downright Serious Site
Of The Month:

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
This is the 26th Edition.

Historical Site
Of The Month:

Easter Island Home Page
Is its history our future?

November Events
festivals For November Travelers

November 3-5, 1999
Festival of Swing Music
Narodni dum na Vinohradech concert hall, Prague.
3 evenings of big band music by Causa Bibendi,
Bratislava Hot Serenaders, and the US Air Force Big Band.
Ticket information: Call (+42-02) 215 96 230.

November 4-14, 1999
Chicago Humanities Festival
Field Museum and other venues, Chicago, Illinois.
In its tenth year, the festival will feature such
programs as Fifty Years of Paris Match,
Indian Puppet Theatre, Skalene: World Music, and The
Other Cities: Brooklyn and St. Louis.

Some events were already sold out in mid-October.
Ticket information: Call 312-661-1028.

November 6-7, 1999
California Indian Storytelling Festival
Ohlone Community College, Fremont, California.
Workshops, storytelling, tribes represented
will include the Chumash, Miwok, and Ohlone.
The outdoor stories will be presented rain or
shine, so dress accordingly. Donations.
More information: Call 510-651-6414 or 510-794-7253.

November 18-21, 1999
Edinburgh Folk Festival
The Hub, at the head of Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Plenty of music and food. Artists scheduled for this year
include Sheena Wellington and Hamish Henderson. There are
also workshops for musicians.
More ticket information: Call 0131 473 2000.

November 18-21, 1999
Auto and Antique FallFestival
Festival grounds, south of Zephyrhills, Florida.
Antique auto racing, live auction, classic vehicle
displays, pedal cars and toys, restoration supplies and
parts, swap meet.
Further details: Call 813-258-6726 or 813-782-0835.

November 18-21, 1999
Festival of the Cranes
Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, Socorro, New Mexico.
Nature photography, silent auction, concert, junior duck
stamp exhibit, wildlife arts, crafts, hayride, special
cancellations by US Postal Service, guided tours, field
trips, demonstrations, and events for children,
chuck wagon breakfast, pancake breakfast, lunches.
Details: Call 505-835-1828 or 505-835-0424.

November 18, 1999-January 2, 2000
Winterfest of Lights
Northside Park and other venues, Ocean City, Maryland.
Many animated light displays, including the mile-long
one in Northside Park. Winterfest Express, Alpine Village
visits with Santa, hot chocolate, shopping.
Further details: Call 1-800-OC-OCEAN.

November 20-21, 1999
Lancaster Arts, Crafts, and Music Festival
Challenger Memorial Center, Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, Lancaster, California.
5th annual event, open from 9-5. Small admission charge.
Further information: Call 209-877-3474.
NOTE: While you are at the fairgrounds, you should know
that the area model railroad enthusiasts also meet there.
Check with Donald Frozina to see if the
railroad displays might be open during the festival.

November 27-28, 1999
Festival of Lights
Courthouse Square, Hallettsville, Texas.
The Lavaca County Courthouse was 100 years old in 1987.
The courthouse will be outlined in white lights for the
festival. Ornament contest, lighted Christmas parade, children and
adult community choirs, pageant.
Additional details: Call 361-798-3283 or 361-798-3969.
NOTE: I also hear Hallettsville has a real historic
dominos game hall.

November 27-December 7, 1999
River Kwae Bridge Week Fair
River Kwae Bridge, Kanchanaburi, Thailand.
Multimedia presentation, archeological and historical
exhibitions, rides on vintage trains.
Additional details: Call (034) 511200,512500.



neon joy sign You Would Even Say It Glows neon joy sign

The last holiday season of the Millennium is upon us.

I'll have a little something extra for those who celebrate Hannukah or Kwanza next month, but I do confess, this time I'm catering completely to those of us who love to decorate for the Christmas season.
There's a new way to share your Christmas spirit with everyone who passes your home this season. Technology and art marry to create striking (and sometimes tacky) displays of light and motion right on your front lawn.

It doesn't look quite like the humble birthplace of baby Jesus, but if birthdays are to be celebrated, we can certainly celebrate this birthday with at least as much enthusiasm as we do our own.

Here are some places to get those special lights and figures to make your holiday lawn display stand out.
And there are also links to controllers.

All American Christmas, Co., LLC
Bill and Shawn's Classic and Custom Lighted Christmas Displays
Cantek Metatron Corp Lighting Animation Controllers
Castle Studios Productions Midi Lite Computer Lighting Effects System
Chase Lighting: Light Controllers, Sequencers, Faders.
Christmas Crafters (but too late now to order for 1999 season)
Colonnade Lights International, Inc.
Dasher Light Display Controller
Dakota Holiday Designs
David Shindler Associates, Inc. Seasonal Products
Ducker Signs Plus: Holiday Line
Ed's Lighted Yard Art
EZ-UP OUtdoor Lighting Systems (they have the SpiraLight trees!)
Flash Track Lighting (Sound controllers too!)
Holiday Lighting Specialists
Ottinger Display Christmas and Holiday Decorations (animated figures, including custom)
Pro-Curb, Inc. Brite Nites
R and B Construction and Services, Inc. Custom Holiday Lighted Frames
Santa's Workshop Light Designs (Buderim, Queensland)
Simply Lighting: Christmas Line
Tis The Season Silhouette Company

Hannukah Lights
World Wide Christmas and Patio

American Scrollsaw Full-Color Decorations
Yard Figure Patterns

Geneva Winter Products

Of course, all this decorating is a lot of work. Some of you would rather just drive around and see what other people have done.
Links and locations for that fun coming next month.


Christmas Postmarks
For those among you who manage to get your Christmas cards ready very early,
you can have some fun by bundling them all into a big sturdy envelope (be sure
to put stamps on each one) and mailing it to the Postmaster at one of the towns
below. You might print "POSTMARK REQUEST" or a similar brief note on
the front of the envelope. The postmaster and his or her helpers will apply the
appropriate postmark and give your holiday greetings that special touch.
You should verify the names and zip codes here.

North Pole, AK 99705
Snowflake, AZ 85937
Holly, CO 81047
Christmas, FL 32709
Santa Claus, GA
Santa, ID 83866
Star, ID 83669
Joy, IL 61260
Bethlehem, IN 47104
Santa Claus, IN 47579
Hope, KS 67451
Mistletoe, KY 41351
Holly, MI 48442
Star, MS 39167
North Pole, NY 12946
Bethlehem, NC 28601
Faith, NC 28041
Jerusalem, OH 43747
Rudolph, OH 43462
Antlers, OK 74523
Nazareth, PA 18064
Nazareth, TX 79063
Advent, WV 25231
Ivy, VA 22945
Rudolph, WI 54475


bullet One Thing And Another bullet

"They sacked the quarterback."
"There's a flag down."
"That'll cost them a ten-yard penalty for pass interference."

If you have no idea what any of those statements mean, you aren't alone. But the football season is upon us, so go learn the Football rules so you won't be left out of the conversation when things turn to football this season.
Pretty soon you can view new online entertainment from a site creation by the dynamic pairing of the Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg (and a few other partners).
More about this after the holidays!
Is your palm getting pale and your spider plant getting spindly?
Shorter daylight hours this time of year can make your houseplants look a little anemic. Find out what to do to keep indoor plants happy from this article on houseplants and winter light.
If you live near Cincinnati and all you want for Christmas this year is to sell your home (or buy one), you should have a look at HomesThatClick.
They're a licensed real estate broker, and they will list your home and provide other services for 2%. If you are buying and have a buyer's agent, they'll split the commission.
This type of set-up isn't for everyone. If you need the services of an agent who will take you to homes you'll want to consider someone local.
They hope to expand their working area in the near future, so if you're not an Ohio resident, have a look anyway.
If you are starting a small business, or you are working from home, or your desk at home looks like something out of an earthquake movie, have a look at Julie Signore's 123 Sortit site.
Even the site design is simple and uncluttered. This woman seems to practice what she preaches.
Want to do some woodworking, but reluctant to pay for patterns?
Try The Woodchuck Canuck: free plans and project links.

Hot News!

This isn't a random act of kindness, but I understand that these folks bought what they thought was legitimate marketing service and ended up having their name used in spam. Their ISP pulled their site over it, but have relented now that they know it was not an intentional abuse. One of the owners is apparently a bit challenged in the 20/20 sight department, but don't order from them because of that. Order from them because you can get tasty Cajun-style seasonings and sauces.
Little Cajun Outpost.
Buy someone a holiday present or two!


Find great restaurant reviews and more at


Free Web Space and the Gold(en) Rule

What's this rumor I hear about the Geocities/Yahoo folks giving away free web space to people and then making them sign some sort of agreement that gives Geocities/Yahoo unlimited current and future rights over material put in that space?

Legally, I guess they are perfectly justified. What would be your take on this in an ethical or moral sense?

Catty comments aside, you might want to consider paying the twenty-some bucks a month many ISP's charge for a website. I hate to see so many of you put time and effort into your free web pages and then have them turned into someone else's profit while you are left with nothing.


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