Deb's Writer Cam FAQ

(and answers to other things on my pages in general)

I've left off the questions, and will let you fill those in for yourselves.
If you just can't figure them out, write to me.
But really---isn't it more interesting to imagine the questions?

Some of these things deal with how much "firepower" I have on my computer, some deal with things that people have seen in the office here, some deal with personal issues, and a couple deal with questions asked by people who need to get either:
a) some morals
b) some manners
c) corrected vision

1. Because I can. It also encourages me to keep my buns in the chair and write. Also see Number 9.

2. The mug has a cat looking very-closely at falling leaves, and so kitty appears to be crossing her eyes!

3. November 2. Year? Year? You show me your i.d. and I'll show you mine!

4. No, because I can turn it off (or cover the lens) whenever I wish.

5. Scorpio (if you really were a psychic, wouldn't you already KNOW that???).

6. Yes, Seventh-day Adventists (in general) do donate blood, salute the U.S. flag, and celebrate birthdays.
(I think you're confusing Adventists with some of the Jehovah's Witnesses folks.


8. No, I think that's Moroni.
(I think you're confusing Seventh-day Adventists with some of the Latter-day Saints (Mormon) folks.

9. Because it's fun.

10.No, but that's a really great idea!

11. Monday nights, because they pick it up Tuesday morning.

12. It's a 30-Gig hard drive. (The web server has its own.)

13. No. It's not that kind of webcam site!

14. Freedom is in Central Coastal California (I live in Freedom! Yay!)

15. No, I was born into a (sort of) Roman Catholic family. But I never could get the hang of it. And when the nun who came to be elementary school principal did away with our big annual Christmas show/musical, I knew it was the beginning of the end. On the other hand, I do credit that particular denomination's teachers with making me learn to sing and to sight-read music starting in second grade.

16. 128 Meg RAM.

17. Some would be: Music. Coffee. Good pyro work. Mexican food (fancy OR Taco Bell). Laughter. Making eye-contact with a wild animal (such as a cheetah or gorilla. Chocolate. Cheesecake. Chocolate. Applause. Romantic comedy adventure movies (like "Romancing The Stone"). Wearing red, purple or black. Chocolate. And a toast with really good champagne.
(I think you were confusing me with ultra-ultra-conservative Seventh-day Adventists.)

18. No, do you?

19. Alto (usually) in the Bayside Community Chorus (and we need more basses/baritones--come and sing!)

20. English instructor Minon Hamm, especially when she told me
a) I was never going to fit "that" mold because I was a "slam dunk" writer and,
b) Facts are not truth, and there is a lot of truth in fiction and fable.

21. Yes, I have fallen asleep in front of the cam. The first week you are afraid to do anything for fear you'll "look bad". The next week or so you become a bit less self-conscious (which I really needed to do anyway!). The third week you realize it's there, but you have work to do. After that, you have to remind yourself not to do anything you wouldn't want the rest of the world to see.

22. No, I am not Donna Butterworth!
(this is another clear example of how the most innocent things turn into absolute madness for me!)

23. That's really none of your business, Sweetie, now is it?

24. Creative Sound Blaster PCI 128. (a gift from my husband! My MIDIs sound like REAL music now!)

25. No, I'm sorry. I don't have time to send you a list of all the festivals held in Ohio in May.
(If you want to hire me to do that research for you, we'll talk.)

26. Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, Minnesota and California (in that order).

27. No, I cannot get you so-and-so's autograph. The people whose sites I link to from the Review on an ongoing basis are folks who have influenced me in some way, which may be personal or inspirational, or they may be talented people whose work touches my heart, and they just happen to have a job that's more public than some of yours. What you probably really want is not something I can get for you anyway. You want the knowledge that someone looked into your eyes for a few seconds and concentrated on you and your happiness while they wrote their name (or took time to send it to you). Don't follow my heroes. Find your own and tell them their work is important to you. Don't pull at their clothes, don't follow them with cameras when they are trying to take their sick baby home from the hospital, don't look in their bedroom windows. Treat them with the same respect you give your pastor, your teacher or your favorite food-server.
(would someone please help me down from this soapbox?)

28. My ponder cards ask you to avoid the supermarket tabloids because the tabloids hurt people. They vandalize reputations and they capitalize on pain and heartbreak. ANYONE can end up in a tabloid. You can be in the wrong place at the wrong time and become a "celebrity" whether you chose to or not. Would you like your life and your family's life plastered all over those rag sheets? Don't get me started! (too late!)

29. No, not always. The story about Ojai was basically true. I'm sure there are some lovely people in Ojai, but I felt as though I was in an "uneasy zone" the whole time.

30. Yes, I do "work". Writing is fun, but it is work. I also do plenty of housework, laundry, yardwork, and volunteer work. I do my own promotion for what I write, and I promote other folks' work too. I do not get a weekly paycheck for any of these things, but, yes, I do work.

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