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Feen Album
(I'm slowly scanning
these pictures from an
old photo album
that was rescued by
someone in an antique
store in Missouri and
they found me years
later and sent it to
me! Thank you to John
and Paula!)



My parents:
Eileen Mary (nee Naughton) Seifried
and Matthias "Bud" Frederick Seifried

thumbnail of Bud And Eileen Seifried
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I was the rather late windfall in my family.
My parents had two other children, Eileen (nicknamed Sis or Sissy),
and Eugene (also called Beau or Babe).
My brother died about age 11, when he suffered a ruptured appendix.
I came along several years later, in 1952, so I never even got to meet him.
My sister lost a heroic battle with cancer in 1997
(but not before giving this world 4 wonderful daughters).
My mother passed in 1968 and my father in 1982.
I've found a cousin or two I didn't know I had, but it would
be great fun to find more cousins or details of our ancestors!
If you think you see any connections here, do contact me!

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