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We're very glad to have you visit here. Research has been a lot of fun for us and we are very thankful of all the help we've received from many, many new friends and even newly found family! We hope that each one of you who visits will use the form at the top of this page to drop us a note and let us know if you've found anything of interest. We've even made connections all the way back to 10th century England thanks to the dedicated research and help of some nice folks. But, we also have some Irish, a little Native American, and a few other flavors thrown in for good measure!

We've all been through a lot of troubled times this past year and in many ways, that has made me want to know even more about my family, so that I can pass that connectedness on to my children. I can't help but be pleased when I can tell my children that they are descended from Sir Ralph FitzRobert De Greystoke, born August 15, 1299, in Cumberland, England....or Col. Samuel King McSpadden, who was captured during the Civil War and later served as Chancellor in his area of Alabama. Somehow, it reinforces the notion that mankind has been here a long time and has been through trying times before and with the guidance of God, we've come this far. In looking back, I hope that all of you will find reassurance for the future and a renewed sense of closeness with family and friends. Our Battles Family Chronicles logs another chapter and looks forward to many more!

Hugh Walker Cardon

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1870's ...Editor of the Cherokee Advertiser. Established law practice 1873 in Cherokee, AL. 1877-78...Represented Cherokee County in the Alabama State legislature. Elected to represent Cherokee County in the Constitutional Convention held in 1901 in Montgomery, Alabama.

Lula McSpadden Cardon's obituary

Smith Sisters
Our grandmother - Willie Aquilla Smith (Bill)
sister Marie Smith (Ree), and sister Ivy Lee Smith

Willie Aquila Smith Cardon children
(left to right)
Catherine Lucille Rose (Our Mom!),
Lula Jo, William Robert, Mary Alice, and Norma

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