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Archived on Feb 2, 2002
We’re glad you found your way to our little corner of the Web! The genealogy bug has bitten us and we’re researching our family ancestry. If you would rather skip all the yakkety yak, simply scroll down to the links at the bottom and click on the listings there.

For the rest of you: Let me tell you, first thing, what families we are associated with:

In Alabama Tennessee Georgia Florida Virginia:

There are, of course, many other surnames in our listing, but these are the main lines of our closest generations.

Let me introduce you to the members of this research team and its contributors:

My name is Cathy Thompson. I began life as Juanita Catherine Battles and was adopted at the age of two. I grew up knowing I was adopted and was able to meet and maintain distant contact with my biological family. When I was ten, my adoptive parents also adopted my natural brother, Ronnie. We have enjoyed a typical sibling relationship from that day to this! He and I are the instigators of this madness! I currently live in Mississippi and Ron, along with his wife Deb, our 100K-nugget finder, live in California. Also helping us is my middle son, Alex, and my youngest daughter, Dina. Alex is giving us tips on web page design and Dina does searching online and has found references for us in other places, as well. Both offer encouragement and gentle derision!

Battles Family Chronicles
Second Edition

HINT: NEVER stop posting queries to the message boards or mailing lists!!! (And ...don't forget to go back and check them once in a while!)

The weekend of Mother's Day brought us several very pleasant surprises! One connected to the hint above! We received a reply to one of the very first queries I ever posted and it has not only given us several generations of a branch of our family that we considered the *impossible quest* ....the Smith's...but it also put us in touch with a new *Cousin*!

In addition to all that wonderful news...we were contacted by someone else who saw a posting to a mailing list I joined and he has generously been looking up our Battles' and Ashworth's in a near-by national archive!!! He has given us confirmation of three generations of our father's maternal and paternal side!!!

E-mail's just seemed to be dropping out of nowhere! We are immensely thankful to these folks for their help and especially happy to find a new living relative that we had not idea about!! Our "branches" continue to expand...along with our ability to encompass new members into this special group we call "family"!!

Originally, I entered into this quest of ours looking for one thing...our Native American heritage. We're still looking for that link, but I have discovered so very much more during the time spent looking! There is a huge community of researchers out there who embrace the spirit of helping each other fully! I've received encouragement from total strangers...made online friendships....learned to "pass it on" by helping others as I've been helped. I'm finding good and positive things to focus on again...instead of feeling that things are going from bad to worse! Yes, there are a lot of negative, hurtful things happening every day...but if we focus on those only...we lose sight of the good things going on all around us! And I give thanks daily for my be able to communicate and keep in touch with each of them. Before, time and distance would have made the effort seem burdensome ...rather than the delight it is now when I can e-mail a brother or call up a sister and share the latest revelation I've come across....whether they are as thrilled as I am or not :) And maintaining those communications gives us the opportunity to share all the other things happening in our lives....both good and not so good...because that's what families are for...caring for one another!

Well...enough of my rambling! On to the updates...

I do hope that everyone of you who visit here will send us a message. At present, we are trying to keep everything on this one page. My fellow researchers and I really dislike going to a page that you have to follow ten links to find what you came to the page to see, so we are doing our best to keep this simple. Just email me at and I will gladly share any information we have been able to gather or try to help you find links to what you are looking for. I know, firsthand, the frustration of searching for hours and not finding anything!

You will find our genealogy listing online before too much longer. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Family TreeMaker software. Its features will enable us to keep all this wonderful information in a comprehensive and orderly manner that everyone will be able to access and search.

In the meantime, check out the Jospeh Carden reference below. It will take you to a listing of Carden's that are a large part of our family ancestry. There are pictures in the other files, Col. Samuel King McSpadden Monument, Overall view of Cemetery, and Gravestone of Joseph Norman Carden. These are from a Garrett/Cardon cemetery in Alabama.

I do hope to get to know many of you as part of our extended family. Even if you are not a direct relative, get in touch anyway. We always like to meet new folks! And keep checking back for upcoming chapters in the

Battles Family Chronicles!