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>Ron,   It is so good to hear from you.  I have not been able to get in
>touch with Helen Burnett, our cousin, who is the Massey connection.
>Thank you for the file even though I don'd know how to open it and my
>husband has gone to bed, but I will get into it tomorrow.
>After talking to Jimmy the other night, I wnet back and found the web
>page and I was so ashamed of it I took it off and still haven't gotten
>it back on yet.  I did it in the first few days of getting on line and
>to say the least it was not very good.  I am working on it again with
>proper dates and lots more information but I will share with you
>anything you want.  I am so happy you and Jimmy have made contact.
>This is what I know until I can find Helen,  they travel a lot and this
>being a holiday weekend they are probably in Memphis.
>My uncle Martin Elmo Hill married a Helen Grace Carvill Massey and I
>have her being from Meridian, Miss.  She could have been born in
>Alabama.  Helen was going to check for me. Helen and Elmo lived in
>Belzoni, Miss. for years where he was a county agent.  Helen and Elmo
>adopted their first child, a girl.  I do not know anything further about
>the Massey family.  Helen did say she had stayed in touch with her
>mother's family.  Her mother died in 1963 and Elmo died in early 1980's.
>I do not know of any Thompsons being in the Hill family but I could be
>wrong.  I have traced the John Hill, 3rd great grandfather, back to Ala
>and maybe even NC but can't confirm that yet.
>I have gotten so much help from so many different people in looking for
>this research, I will be more than happy to share with you anything I
>I will work on the web page again and get it back online soon.  Hope to
>hear from you soon.     Joan

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