Bessie's Ancestors

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Haven't posted this information in a long time.
Any other links in these lines appreciated.

Ancestors for Bessie Ashworth
29 Jan 2000

By Ron Thompson

Our genealogy pages at:

First Generation

1.  	Bessie Ashworth (our grandmother) was born about Dec 1890 in Georgia.
         She died about 1965 in Norfolk Virginia.
	Bessie married Robert N Battles, son of Richard James Battles 
and         Rosa,
         before 1914 in probably Cherokee County Alabama.
         Robert was born about Dec 1893 in Alabama. He died UNKNOWN.

         Their children were:
         Commodore Battles b abt 1907
         Mildred Floreen Battles
         Froddie Battles
         Oma Lee Battles
         Richard Farrell Battles Sr (our father) b Jun 1917
         Velma Mae Battles  b abt 1918
         Alton Battles
         Harlan Battles

	Rosa L.....who married the earlier Richard Battles...
	the carter connection and down thru Ashworth' the indian line
	that is straight from Aunt Oma Lee

Second Generation (Bessie's Father and Mother)

2.  	Carter J Ashworth was born about Jun 1852 in Georgia. He died UNKNOWN.
	Carter married Margarette      .
	Resided in Polk County Georgia in 1900
3.  	Margarette      .

	she was 19 in the 1880 census
         Their children were:
         Bessie Ashworth (our grandmother) b abt 1890
         James M Ashworth b abt 1881
         Randolph Ashworth b abt 1884
         Sherman Ashworth b abt 1886
         Ida Ashworth b abt 1895
         Alfred Ashworth b abt 1892
         Alexander Ashworth b abt 1893

Third Generation

4.  	John Ashworth was born about Mar 1821 in Georgia. He married Blancett.
	John resided in Polk County Georgin in 1900
5.  	Blancett was born about 1835 in Georgia. She died before 1900.

         Their children were:
         Carter J Ashworth b abt 1852
         Nancy M Ashworth b abt 1851
         Margarett Ashworth b abt 1855
         William J Ashworth b abt 1857

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