Ashworth Battles Carden Cardon McSpadden Smith


John B. Barnes

from Maryland

Ruby Battles

June 1999 lives in Meridian Mississippi

From Cathy Sep 6 1999

<chat^^kat> 1948
<Telecom> whazzat?
<chat^^kat> Sam goes to Matty Hersey Hospital with rheumatic fever
<Telecom> OH! this is ours
<Telecom> k, sec, shanging gears, and proggys
<chat^^kat> sowwy
<chat^^kat> dunt know month
<Telecom> i put jan 01
<chat^^kat> k
<chat^^kat> somewhere during jan to mar...1952
<Telecom> k
<chat^^kat> Sam leaves hospital
<chat^^kat> goes to a Ms. Ulmer to stay
<chat^^kat> for 2 months
<chat^^kat> lemme 'splain that one a bit when u ready
<Telecom> i know a bit, they wanted to adopt her, she said no ??
<chat^^kat> sam born in april...she remembers getting out of hosp when she was 12...and going to orphanage...which i'll get to in a sec...when she was is how i narrowed down times
<chat^^kat> u rite about the adopt and she said no
<Telecom> k
<chat^^kat> next...
<chat^^kat> she goes back to richard and catherine
<chat^^kat> for about a week
<chat^^kat> well..not that long
<chat^^kat> she went back to them on a Wed
<chat^^kat> and on Fri she was taken on a trip
<chat^^kat> to Natchez Protestant Orphanage
<Telecom> this was rite after the 2months with Ulmer?
<chat^^kat> yes
<chat^^kat> this was all in 1952
<Telecom> okie
<chat^^kat> by our reckoning...and comparing dates...we figure that the adoptions of billie, raymon, jimmy, susan and me happened somewhereabouts in April of 1952...and sam seems to think all the adoptions happened within about a week
<chat^^kat> and at about the same time...
<chat^^kat> marge was sent up to Newport stay with one of Catherine
<chat^^kat> oops
<chat^^kat> Catherine's sisters...Mary Alice
<chat^^kat> sorry...did not mean to send that until you caught up :)
<Telecom> k, now .. one group is raymon, jimmy, cathy who was other group?
<Telecom> Ruby was kindof a seperate deal
<Telecom> yes?
<chat^^kat> don't think it was a group
<chat^^kat> i think billie was adopted...then susan...then the group of 3 at one time
<chat^^kat> all within a week's time
<chat^^kat> and we think this happened while ruby was at ulmer's

King Cardon

farm laborer

Joseph W Carden Jr


Sex: M
Misc: 1861 Cherokee Nation' , 'Native American
Source Information:
Film Number:1761178
that came from lds site


>From: C. Jett <>
>To: Cathy Thompson <>
>Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 9:32 PM
>Subject: Re: Carden
>>Hi Cathy - It wasn't online. I'm in the Atlanta area and once in a while I
>>go to the Marietta library,which has census on microfilm for most of the
>>Southern states, and the National Archives regional branch, which of course
>>has censuses from 1790 to 1920 on all states. My notes from the 1850
>>DeKalb County, AL census for your Joseph W. Carden are as follows:
>>Carden, Joseph W. 28 physician b. Tennessee
>> Adalade 20 b. Tennessee

Hugh L. Appleton

1900 Census Etowah Co. AL
Hugh Appleton, Physician, b. 8/1865
Lillie L., wife, b. 6/1874
Charlcie McSpadden, b. 11/1837
Elizabeth S. Hale, b. 4/1830
Elizabeth M. Hale, b. 2/1854
Leila Garrett, b. 1/1888

1920 Census DeKalb Co. AL
Hugh L. Appleton, 53, Physician
Lilly, 42, wife
Zerah, 24

1930 Census Etowah Co. AL
Hugh L. Appleton, doctor, 64
Lillie L., wife, 55
Zerah, 29

Columbus Cardon Appleton

1900 Census Etowah Co. AL Centre, AL
Columbus C. Appleton, b. 8/1868
Emma, wife, b. 8/1877
Lula C., b. 7/1899
Lillie F. Dixon, b. 10/1880
Ed Pinson, b. 2/1887

1920 Census DeKalb Co. AL
Columbus C. Appleton, 51
Emma, wife, 43
Lula C., 20

Articles from “A Partial Who Was Who in DeKalb County Alabama”
Edited by Elizabeth S. Howard

Columbus Cardon Appleton
Born on August 20, 1868 in Collinsville. Died August 16, 1922 in Fort Payne. Father: Robert Haynes Appleton. Mother: Harriet Cardon Appleton. Married: Emma Elizabeth Dickson on September 29, 1896. Daughter: Lula Cardon Appleton (Speer). Appleton attended public schools in Collinsville and taught school at Lebanon (Alabama), before graduating from Cumberland Law School in Lebanon, Tennessee. He was admitted to the bar in Cherokee County in 1890 and started practicing in the firm of McSpadden and Cardon in Centre. He was elected solicitor of Cherokee County and was register in chancery from 1898-1899. In July, 1899 he was appointed judge of probate and was elected for a full term. He was elected solicitor of the ninth judicial circuit (Jackson, Cherokee, and DeKalb counties) and served until his death. An active Democrat, he was mayor of Centre for three years and served as a presidential elector in 1896. He was a member of the Baptist Church, belonged to the Masonic Lodge, to the Odd Fellows Lodge, the Knights of Pythias No. 163, and the Knights of Honor of Centre. He organized the Baraca Class of First Baptist Church in Fort Payne in 1918 and taught it until his death in 1922.

H.L. Appleton

Headstone in Centre Cemetery, Centre, AL